Mission Statement

To bring together leading technology, clinical knowledge, process expertise, and exceptional personal service to improve the value and quality of innovative health care products.

International Medical Engineering and Design (iMed) Technology was founded in 1999 to bring innovative design concepts and leading edge technology together to develop cost effective solutions to the medical supply chain.

iMed Technology began as an OEM of urology products and has evolved over time to become a supplier of multiple products to independent medical dealers and distributors both in the United States and in Europe. Currently, iMed supplies more than 15 million urine collection bags per year to the world markets.

iMed Technology has worldwide flexible distribution, research and development expertise, and manufacturing capabilities. iMed has a strong 12 year relationship with colleagues in China that continues to expand. iMed now utilizes more than 10 world-class medical manufacturing facilities that specialize in specific products to increase our ability to service target markets worldwide.

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